DG Lawn Care Services


1040 New Loudon Road

Cohoes, NY 12047


Phone: 518-209-1418


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      Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance:

• Topsoil

• Seasonal Clean up

• Aeration

• Seeding


• Sod

• Lawn Replacement

• Thatching 



• Plant Flowers



About Us

Our company is built on quality performance and outstanding customer service. We understand the challenges of maintaining the landscape of residential and commercial properties. Our comprehensive attention to the details of landscaping services is professional. We can help you keep your lawn lush, green and free of weeds, restore overgrown trees to a healthier and more appealing look. Our goal is to manage the landscape while creating a lasting, strong relationship with our customers. We do weekly mowing, mulch, Spring and Fall cleanup, aeration, and fertilizing.


DG Lawn Care Services is a local owned company that has been providing lawn and landscaping services for over 15 years – anything from weekly mowing to year-round property maintenance.


When planning your next landscape project or maintenance proposal, please let DG Landscaping and provide you with the guidance and support that will make your project a success. We look forward to working with you!